The Seal of Excellence

10.01.2017. 10:00h
Eon+ receives the Seal of Excellence assigned by the European Commission
Our company has received the Seal of Excellence, a certificate delivered by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, the largest yet framework program of the European Union in the area of research and innovation.

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Eon+ received the certificate for Envigo, the software solution for Environmental Impact Assessment. The certificate was delivered in the area of support to the potentials of small businesses in the field of climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials. The project was evaluated by a group of independent experts, who have found the project proposal to be successful in a highly demanding and competitive evaluation process and, based on that finding, decided to grant the Seal of Excellence to Eon+.



23.12.2016. 09:00h
Envigo featured on Ekoconception blog
The company Eon+ and our unique Envigo software were featured on Ekoconception, the information platform of the French consulting company Cycleco. This renowned blog focuses on various issues pertaining to the environment, eco-design and life cycle assessment, and it is regularly engaged in various forms of international cooperation with projects that share its goals and visions in terms of environmental improvement and protection.

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In the piece published on the front page of the blog, Ekoconception presented the role and the importance of tools such as Envigo in developing and improving the environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes, showing great enthusiasm for all the benefits that our software offers to everyone involved in those processes and to the environment itself. The article reiterated the importance of EIA studies and also briefly explained the way Envigo works and how it can be applied in all countries in which EIA studies are prescribed by the joint EU directive.

Ekoconception is the information platform of the French consultancy Cycleco, which deals practically with the issues of life cycle assessment and environmental protection, through consulting services and support, as well as through their own software.

The article on Eon+ and Envigo is available in English and in French.


Millennium Goals event

24.05.2016. 09:30h
Eon+ founder delivers a lecture at the Millennium Goals event

Nikola Nikačević, the founder of Eon+, delivered a lecture on climate challenges and sustainable energy at the Millennium Goals: Sustainable development and ecology, which took place on May 12. The initiative came from the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham) and the lecture focused on consequences of production and use of energy from fossil fuels on climate changes, along with possible courses of action.

Nikačević presented the latest data, trends and projections, along with initiatives and priorities in reducing negative impacts and also stressed the necessity of a joint action and synergy from all the factors – state, economy, society and individuals. A particular accent was placed on technological innovations, which can make a significant contribution to the transition towards the “green” and circular economy, and the Envigo software, which aspires to those goals, was used as an example.

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The one-year educational program AmChamps brings together students of the final year at various faculties of the Belgrade University, along with junior managers of the companies – members of AmCham. The idea of promoting sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, millennium goals, global agreement and the importance of environmental protection was born during the program, through training, workshops, lectures and tasks. The convention at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy was the result and the final event.

Besides Nikola Nikačević, the consultant to the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia Siniša Mitrović also held a lecture on the Global Agreement initiative. Afterwards, the participants of the AmChamps program held a joint lecture on sustainable development. Finally, managers of the AmCham companies presented examples of good business practices and corporate social responsibility.


Technical Fair

19.05.2016. 09:00h
Eon+ with BITF at the 2016 International Technical Fair
Come see us at the 2016 International Technical Fair which takes place from May 16 to 20 at the Belgrade Fair, Hall 2, where we are featured as part of the Business Technology Incubator of Technical Faculties.

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The Incubator presents the latest innovative products and services of its members, the small high-tech companies –including our own, Eon+. Use this opportunity to try out Envigo and find out more about our innovative software.

Immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial spirit, find out more about some unique innovations and look for inspiration for new technological ideas. See you in Hall 2!


Envigo Website

21.04.2016. 13:00h
Envigo site launched
We are excited to announce that we have officially launched the website for our flagship product for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Envigo. You can visit the website and find out more about this unique web software and its uses here.


21.04.2016. 13:00h
Eon+ receives the prestigious RENERGY Award
Our company Eon+ received the RENERGY Award in the category of Extraordinary technological achievement, awarded by RENEXPO, the prestigious international platform for experts and trade fair in the Western Balkans, which takes place in Belgrade on April 20 and 21. The award was presented by the director of RENEXPO, Myriam Dobrota.

At the opening ceremony, RENEXPO Western Balkans welcomed visitors from all over the world and participants from more than 10 European countries. Director of RENEXPO Myriam Dobrota, German ambassador in Serbia Axel Dittmann and minister of Mining and Energy in the Serbian Government Aleksandar Antić also spoke at the opening ceremony.

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This year’s extraordinary program offers a complete overview of regional potential, projects, legislature and news. RENEXPO side programs, including industry roundtables, matchmaking between European and regional companies and entrepreneurs, along with special conferences, are promising a rich schedule as well.

In addition to energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and environmental protection programs, the trade fair includes some new topics, such as the BioRES project, biomass cogeneration, biogas, small hydro power plants, waste management, photovoltaic and others.

Part of the trade fair is also the RENERGY award ceremony. The awards are presented in three categories: Extraordinary technological achievement, Extraordinary personal contribution in the field of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and environmental protection and Extraordinary international achievement in the Western Balkans. Accepting the Award for Extraordinary technological achievement, Eon+ founder and CEO Nikola Nikačević said that the Envigo software fits perfectly in the concept of sustainability and expressed his hope that the software will be widely implemented in the field of obtaining energy from renewable sources.


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