23.12.2016. 09:00h
Envigo featured on Ekoconception blog
The company Eon+ and our unique Envigo software were featured on Ekoconception, the information platform of the French consulting company Cycleco. This renowned blog focuses on various issues pertaining to the environment, eco-design and life cycle assessment, and it is regularly engaged in various forms of international cooperation with projects that share its goals and visions in terms of environmental improvement and protection.

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In the piece published on the front page of the blog, Ekoconception presented the role and the importance of tools such as Envigo in developing and improving the environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes, showing great enthusiasm for all the benefits that our software offers to everyone involved in those processes and to the environment itself. The article reiterated the importance of EIA studies and also briefly explained the way Envigo works and how it can be applied in all countries in which EIA studies are prescribed by the joint EU directive.

Ekoconception is the information platform of the French consultancy Cycleco, which deals practically with the issues of life cycle assessment and environmental protection, through consulting services and support, as well as through their own software.

The article on Eon+ and Envigo is available in English and in French.